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Coming Soon – Hymns for DADGAD Fingerstyle Guitar Song Book Vol 1

DADGAD Songbook Will Include:

  • A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
  • Amazing Grace
  • Fairest Lord Jesus
  • All Creatures of Our God and King
  • The Solid Rock
  • Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
  • Holy Holy Holy
  • It Is Well
  • Old Time Religion

DADGAD Songbook Details

guitar tablature songbook DADGAD Hymns

About New Hymns for DADGAD Fingerstyle Guitar Song Book

The new Hymns for DADGAD Fingerstyle Guitar Song Book Vol1 being written by Steve Massey  will include DADGAD guitar tablature along with instructions, MP3 files and midi files to help with learning to play the Hymns arrangements for DADGAD guitar. Also currently in production are Youtube videos showing how to play the Hymn arrangements in more detail.

Steve was inspired by Peter Huttlinger’s song books Hymns for Guitar Vol1 and Vol2. These songbooks  were key in helping Steve learn a number of amazing Peter’s DADGAD hymn arrangements  but also provided the  inspiration to take on the task of creating Steve’s own how to DADGAD songbook to help others learn a number of  timeless Hymns.

Steve arranged 11 Hymns all in DADGAD tuning and has been playing these as guitar solos now for about 15 years at local churches in the Southern Oregon area. The songs are arranged from easy to learn to more intermediate in difficulty.  Steve’s arrangement of  “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” has had over 44,000 views between two youtube videos over the years and a number of people have asked for guitar tablature. Steve is finally creating this songbook using Guitar Pro and looks forward in the second half of 2017 to offering this song book for sale on this website.

Steve’s Hymns for Guitar with all these DADGAD arrangements are already available on this website for purchase as a CD or by going to CDBaby or iTunes and can also be heard on Pandora.

Hymns For DADGAD Guitar CD Now Available (before songbook completed)

Steve Massey’s Hymns for Guitar CD is availaible now for purchase on this website. All songs from this CD will be on the new songbook.  Some of the guitar tablature arrangements might be just a bit different then the CD so as to provide the best and easiest methods for learning the songs. The new MP3 and Midi files on the other hand will be exact matchers to the the song book guitar tablature.

This CD was recorded in Steve’s Hillview Studios and was mixed and mastered by Sean McCoy at Oregon Sound in Medford, Oregon.

Hymns for Guitar CD


“Steve Massey has tastefully arranged for fingerstyle solo guitar twelve hymns that create a relaxing, soothing and calm atmosphere. All songs on the CD were performed by Steve using DADGAD Celtic guitar tuning, that is moody and relaxing – 12 MP3 Songs in this album (38:10) !    People who are interested in Alex de Grassi, Leo Kottke or  Will Ackerman should consider this download.”

Related styles: Folk: Fingerstyle, Spiritual: Inspirational, Type: Acoustic


“Massey’s notes are very crisp and well-separated. Each piece is like Mother Nature – magical in every way, a combination of originality and soulfulness; yet raw and uncategorizable. It reminds me of natures sounds and magic. Full of pleasure, peace, and harmony, this music does not seem to be made with earthly ‘purposes’ like delivering messages. Instead, it is music – it is an artist’s expression. And heck of a good job of expression, at that! The compositions and played from the heart with perfection.”

On-line CD Reviews


Medford, Oregon’s Steve Massey is a superb acoustic guitar picker with a crisp style, rich tone, and brilliant dexterity. His folk-influenced songs resonate and shine with the influences of places he knows and loves, from the inspiring, scenic “Highway 62” to the mighty, wind-whipped Columbia River. —

On-line Review


I did take the time to listen to the first song “Timberline Shadow” and I simply LOVE IT! Your playing is inspiring and soul touching. I can’t wait to listen to the entire CD!

Vicki Rea “Membership Chairman” for Peter White’s Fan Club

Daily Song Book Writing Status

Today is Nov 18 2017.  I have been able to work on the Hymns for Dadgad guitar songbook guitar tabliture now on and off for the past few weeks, but making good progress. I am fixing in final edits right now the Hammer-ons and Pull-offs and Trills. I am also having to fix some tab measures that are a bit off. I am still using Guitar Pro but I recently upgraded to GuitarPro7 which has much better sounding acoustic guitar playback quality.

It is Oct 25 2017 and I am pleased to note that I have been working full time almost on the Hymns Song book now for a few weeks and getting very close to being done!!!

I have not been able to work on the DADGAD Hymns song book now for about 6 months due to some health issues and also lots of day job clients. But I hope to get back to working on finishing up the song book sometime early 2018. I did play live awhile back at our church using a few of the songs from this song book being worked and went well. I will keep this blog posted of any updates on this important project.

As of today April 20, 2017 I have 12 first draft songs completed for the DADGAD Hymns song book out of 12!  So starting edits phase 1 now for all 12 songs. Then after final edits I will be able to publish for purchase and download!  I am excited to get this DADGAD fingerstyle Hymns Song book with Tablature out there!  I hope people really like using it. I am already working on new Hymn arrangements also for Vol 2 book coming out next year! But I am focusing on current song book Vol 1 right now.

It is already May 3rd 2017 and I had to work on another project past few weeks, but am regrouping now on the final edits for the new DADGAD Hymns songbook. I will try and provide one as a free download soon just to give an idea of what to expect.

It is May 5 2017 today and I just wrote a new short blog on DADGAD Guitar Cross String. I need to write a lot more soon because there is so much to this technique and is so fun to play!

It is May 17, 2017 today. I have been a bit under the weather so have not been working on the song book for a few weeks, but am back now and working again on this important project. I will keep a status going on how things are progressing.

It is May 19 2017 today and I just completed all 12 songs for the songbook draft version with first edition edits. I will work hard now to get this ready for publication. I also will be doing the Wash DC copyright for the songbook soon also. Cant wait to have this for sale on my website!

It is June 21, 2017 today. I was unavailable for about a month to work on my DADGAD Hymns Songbook , but the good news is that I am back now and in final edits. I also completed a new recording area and a new studio setup so that is very handy now!

It is already July 14th 2017 today. I just completed final edits of 8th of 12 songs  of Tablature for my DADGAD Hymns songbook. I am matching the DADGAD guitar tab to closely match the CD as much as possible. later I will be completing 12  Youtube videos also on how to play these DADGAD Hymn arrangements, but my focus right now is getting the final edits completed. I am excited about the song book and I think it will really be a help to DADGAD guitarists that want to learn some DADGAD Hymn arrangements.

July 28 2017

I have been focused primarily on Youtube videos to support the songbook the pas few weeks.  I will be getting back to songbook edits Monday

The videos will show left and right hands on screen so will be helpful.  I am playing at Medford First Church Of The Nazarene Aug 6 at traditional service, two hymns.

Below is a photo of my new setup for doing Hymns video and also the Protools Audio studio.  Nice to have it all organized now