Fingerstyle Guitar


Steve Massey's new EP Just released 2020! Hymns for Guitar Vol II.  Six Hymns arranged for DADGAD solo guitar.

“Massey’s notes are very crisp and well-separated. Each piece is like Mother Nature – magical in every way, a combination of originality and soulfulness; yet raw and uncategorizable. It reminds me of natures sounds and magic. Full of pleasure, peace, and harmony, this music does not seem to be made with earthly ‘purposes’ like delivering messages. Instead, it is music – it is an artist’s expression. And heck of a good job of expression, at that! The compositions and played from the heart with perfection.”” - — On-line CD Reviews

An overall meditative sound 

New age influences (just music style itself) Mild rhythmic syncopation 

Acoustic sonority – full deep rich and resonant

“Very nice this song is,   It does not get old and actually could play all day and not wear me out.  Nice.” 

Charles Batchelor 


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