Tabit is great for putting down quick ideas, but I am using Guitar pro 6 now for the final song book notation. It provides grace notes and better push notes and slurs and such., 

While this blog is very useful I am changing my approach just a bit now. I am using TABIT to create a brand new arrangement because of it's ease of use. BUT once the arrangement is is good shape I am using Guitar Pro 6 to create the final Tab for the song because it has far more options including grace notes and much better notation options. I will be writting a new blog Monday or Tuesday about this. 

In this blog I will discuss how I use the TABIT software from to create DADGAD tablature for my new Hymns for Guitar DADGAD songbook.

There are many guitar score writer software programs out there to create good guitar tablature.   This list of programs includes Finale, Flat, G7, Guitar Pro 6, TablEdit, Sibelius and many more.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these options but my objective for writing this blog entry is not to discuss those issues here.  What I want to do is simply explain why I am using TABIT for my guitar tab DADGAD arrangements and why it works so well for me in creating my arrangements for Hymns for DADGAD guitar. 


First, you will not find an easier to use tablature program for guitar then TABIT. Having said this, I find that TABIT meets my requirements better then most options. TABIT provides a DADGAD tuning which is essential to my work.  TABIT also provides a very easy to use and intuitive interface for adding guitar notes in DADGAD tuning.  The first thing I do is to find out what timing my Hymn has that I will be creating my arrangement in.  I am currently creating my arrangement of Amazing Grace in TABIT using DADGAD tuning in 3/4 time. I use the metronome set to a bit slower then normal so I can add notes easily. I then play the first measure of my arrangement on my acoustic guitar and find the DADGAD notes for the first measure in TABIT and place the number matching  the fret number  and then to the string number. This method may seem to take some time but it is rock solid and allows me to enter very accurate notes.  

One disadvantage of using TABIT for my DADGAD arrangements is the fact it does not have standard music notation but in fact only has TAB itself. I have tried to import my tab from TABIT into other programs like FINALE and such but have not had much luck yet doing that. I also am finding that a good solid accurate  and well notated song with just TAB is worth far more to a potential user of the song then tab and notation where the notation is not up to par. 

Once I have the basic song notes in place I then go back with TABIT and add slides and hammer ons and other things that will help the end user be able to play the arrangement effectively.  I then print the final score to a PDF file and then use PDF editor to add copy right notice, instructions and other details. What I then end up with is a very useful solid tab score ready for a guitarist to use for learning the arrangement. 

The other tool I am using now is video. I will be making a video showing how to play these arrangements of DADGAD Hymns soon to this website.  I also plan to make a video soon that will show my process of creating an arrangement in DADGAD using the TABIT software.