Before getting to involved in all aspects of DADGAD guitar tuning it is a good idea to discuss how you tune your guitar from standard tuning to DADGAD tuning.

Standard Guitar tuning is EADGBE from lowest string to the highest string. I grew up learning guitar as most players do using EADGBE standard tuning and still love this tuning for sure.  But I have found that DADGAD tuning opens up a whole new world of Celtic Model possibilities.

So to tune your guitar to DADGAD you start with the lowest E string and de-tune that down to a D note. I recommend a good guitar tuner to help you with these steps. The second lowest string is A already so just leave that as is.  The third lowest string is D already from standard tuning so just leave that also as is.  The fourth lowest string is G so leave that as is also.  The 5th lowest string is B in standard tuning so de-tune that down to A.  The final 6th lowest string is a E note in standard tuning so de-tune that to D. So if everything went as planned you should now have a nice DADGAD tuning which is D the lowest string , A the next lowest and D the next lowest and G and so on.

I also use a capo a lot with DADGAD tuning so this gives you a lot of nice options up and down the neck and is helpful so that all your DADGAD songs don't start sounding all the same.

My next Blog tomorrow will be starting with simple chord shapes in DADGAD so that you can play along with anyone!