A Trick To Get Better At DADGAD Fingerstyle

I wanted to share with you a trick I just learned that is helping me with my DADGAD fingerstyle playing. I sort of stumbled on this by accident recently and it has really helped my DADGAD playing. 

Basically what I discovered is that if I take a break , like for a few days or even just a week from my steel string DADGAD tuned guitar and practice and play basic classical guitar songs on my classical guitar two things happen, much to my surprise and delight. 

The first thing I began to notice is that might right hand, finger picking hand, started feeling more confident and relaxed and just felt better over all. 
The second thing I found was that break helped me get more excited again about DADGAD on a new level and more inspired. 

So there you have it. Not too earth shattering for sure a really nice thing I have learned here late in 2018.  Really helpful with my DADGAD fingerstyle playing. 

By the way – my classical guitar is just a 99 dollar old bad guitar but does the trick!  I am learning to play is by Fernando Sor Op No 1.  I have 54 years of steel string guitar playing experience but have never learned classical guitar at all. So this break I mentioned from DADGAD steel string to classical just for a few days or week is both inspiring and fun and helpful to my DADGAD playing.  I hope this method might help your playing too.