Lessons Learned Writing Amazon eBook

Don’t use Public Domain songs or material even with new arrangements or ways to transform the content. I found that you cannot use KDP Select in the Kindle Direct publishing if you have Public Domain material. 
You can only get 35% royalties’ instead of 70% if you use Public Domain material. It also appears that there are restrictions on using KDP Select if you have Public Domain material also. 
Better to own all your creative products, 100% outright. 
Don’t write an eBook just because you love the topic and feel others should love it too. Better to find out ahead of time what others are searching for online. Always keep your reader’s needs ahead of your own needs to be creative with your ideas. 
Don’t give up after your first eBook. 
Write your book using MS Word but use the Kindle Create app side by side. It is terrific for formatting your eBook on the fly and creates linked content and allows for URL links. Perhaps the most important lesson I learned of all those documented here. 
Use Acrobat InDesign for your printed book, but as noted use, the Kindle Create app for your eBook. 
If you are like me, you will have much more success with the eBook version rather than the Printed Version. I have already in just two short months had 310 plus eBook downloads compared to only six printed versions. 
If you are creating an eBook that has media, then use Kindle Create. It is beautiful and allows for the integration of media as links in the book itself.

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