Fingerstyle Guitar as an Instrument of Praise to the Lord.

Fingerstyle DADGAD guitar can be used as an instrument to praise the Lord in worship as we will see in Psalms 98 verse 5. 

In the King James version of the Bible Psalms 98:5 reads: 

Sing unto the LORD with the harp; with the harp, and the voice of a psalm. King James Version Psalms 98:5 – King James Version 

In the original Hebrew the verb zamar is used.  According to Brown-Driver-Briggs zamar can be translated as make music – in praise to God or of playing musical instruments. Here below is a direct quote from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. 

“zamar – A primitive root (perhaps ident. With zamar through the idea of striking with the fingers); properly, to touch the strings or parts of a musical instrument, i.e. Play upon it to make music, accompanied by the voice; hence to celebrate in song and music — give praise, sing forth praises, psalms.  Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance – 

This Hebrew word comes from a root word that has the idea of striking with the fingers. Back in the Old Testament days there were no guitars as we know the modern-day version.  The harp was used which could have 10 or more strings.  The lyre with 7 or more strings was also used in worship. 

As a fingerstyle guitarist I find the mention of string instruments in the Psalms and the idea of striking the strings with your fingers as pretty amazing.  While the modern guitar is not that old, string instruments go back thousands of years. 

So, the next time you or I pick up your guitar and play to the Lord in worship using the fingerstyle guitar method remember you are doing a musical technique mentioned in the Bible many years ago!

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