My Testimony is not dramatic, but it is mine and genuine, so I will share it with you now. I grew up in a Christian family, and we went to church every week on Sunday morning for Sunday School and then the main church service. We then had Sunday dinner, and then we went back to church for the evening service around 6 pm or so. This schedule was repeated every week without much change for most of my childhood. 

We would regularly attend church camps during the summer – a family camp for the whole family and then youth camps for various ages. My grandfather was also a pastor, so we would once a month or so visit him in southern California about an hour away or so, attend his church instead of ours, and then have dinner all together. There was humor, laughter and lots of fun with those gatherings. 

Having said all this, I did not have a perfect family growing up; there were some serious issues. 

Early in my high school years, I began to feel like something in my life, and my heart was missing. I felt I was always on the outside looking in. I would lay awake at night and pray and try to figure out what was missing. About that time, my grandmother graciously paid for my sister and I to attend a weeklong Christian youth camp. The camp speaker was very effective, and one of those nights I felt a strong pulling inside as the speaker was talking. He asked if any campers would like to come forward and give their hearts to Christ. I was nervous about coming forward, so I did kneel there at my seat and confessed my sins and asked Jesus to come into my heart. 

I felt immediate joy and peace. Interestingly, I have never felt that nagging feeling of something missing in my life ever again. Since then there have been good times and challenging times, but I have always felt Jesus was with me every day. That hunger for something more in my life and heart was completely taken care of that night. I was about 15 years old at that time, and as of this writing am 66. I have felt Jesus in my life working in my heart and mind daily since then. He is my Lord and is the most and Savior and the most important part of my life.


Are we near the end times as described in the Bible?

 In the book of Matthew Jesus noted 2000 years ago:

  • Many would-be deceived
  • Wars
  • Nations against nations (ethnos) and kingdoms against kingdoms - countries
  • Famines earth quakes pestilences 
  • Christian persecution
  • Lawlessness increase

Revelations and Danial said

  • 4th kingdom devour whole earth (one world order0
  • Mark of Beast from Antichrist right-hand forehead (later)

A B C's of becoming Christian

Admit you are a sinner

Believe in Jesus

Confess Jesus is your Lord