What is DADGAD?


DADGAD guitar is …

an alternative guitar tuning.  See my blog on DADGAD tuning for more information on DADGAD. DADGAD is used a lot with Celtic music but is growing in popularity now and used by other music genres. DADGAD allows the player to take advantage of open strings close by the selected melody note to add mood and interest. One reason I like DADGAD so much is that it is hard to really make a mistake while playing because so many supporting open strings support your primary note, there is kind of a safety net built in which comes in handy when playing songs live in DADGAD.

The goal of stevemasseyacoustic.com is to provide tools for guitarists to learn and grow with DADGAD guitar tuning. DADGAD, a modal D tuning,  is  now used by Pierre BensusanLaurence JuberTony McManusAl PettewayAlex DegrassiDoug YoungSimon FoxJean BanwarthPat Kirtley and others.

I personally love DADGAD and after many years playing this tuning I still never tire of it’s seemingly endless possibilities. I plan to create a video soon on DADGAD chordal shapes. I am also working hard on a new DADGAD guitar Hymns song book from songs on my Hymns for Guitar CD. I arranged all the songs on that CD in DADGAD tuning!