Finding Your Own Voice With DADGAD Guitar and Finding Your Own Guitar’s Voice!


The title of this blog is a bit strange, but hang in there with me and I think you will be glad you stayed with this.  I have learned recently to let my guitars just be an expert at what they are, and not to try and make them into something they are not. All my guitars are tuned to DADGAD pretty much all the time, and in fact my Collings OM1A Deep Body has never been out of DADGAD from day one!  I have been trying different guitar string brands on the Collings for some time now but am back to just simple DAddario Phospher Bronze light EJ16 strings. The OM1A does one thing really well, it plays with authoritative, clarity and has great ringing tone with excellent sustain. I tried some other strings to kind of tame the sound a bit , but the OM1A does not want to be tamed!  It has an authoritative clear tone and will always have that. I have learned to more then accept this, I have learned to really enjoy this unique voice that it has.  The guitar does reward good clean playing in DADGAD and is a joy to play. But there is more to this.  I have found from practice recording that the OM1A really comes alive when I use a more authoritative right hand with DADGAD and kind of pick with more intension and dynamics. I have this one recording where I played with more power like this and it is by far the best the OM1A has ever sounded, not even a close second.  So there is kind of a marriage between letting the Om1A have it’s unique and strong voice but also letting the guitar reward the player with DADGAD tuning right hand picking technique to bring out that unique voice and certainly not try to hide it!

So in summary I have recently found that letting my guitars have their own unique voice and then playing , particularly with right hand technique so as to bring out that unique voice is a very rewarding experience.