How to Play Fingerpicked guitar for beginners 1.0

This blog will discuss how to play fingerpicked guitar for beginners. While many of the blogs written on this website are for playing more intermediate DADGAD Hymns I will expand my writing a bit to include just beginner fingerpicked guitar.

There are many "correct" ways to fingerpick a guitar and there are many great websites that already discuss these options. This blog will discuss my own approach to fingerpicked guitar which hopefully will be helpful for you as a guitarist.

Here is my own approach to fingerpicked guitar that I have used for years:

  • I use a Dunlap Medium Thumb Pick for all fingerpicked guitar songs. I am right handed so this thumb pick goes on my right hand on the thumb with the open pick portion facing down. 
  • There are worlds of different ways to fingerpick a guitar as I am sure you have seen on both websites and on YouTube videos. I am going to show you a simple pattern for your right picking hand for the very beginner. Kind of an easy way to start off learning the fingerpicked guitar method.
  • I am going to have you plant your right pinky finger on the guitar just below and to the right of the sound hole. Right now there are many trained guitarists that will want to stop this method right now, but keep in mind great players like Tommy Emmanuel that do still play with their pinky planted on the guitar. I have done this for almost 58 years now, so I am just going to teach this method even though it is frowned on by many fingerstyle guitarists today. 
  • Having planted the pinky then on the guitar you now have the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger for your fingerpicking.
  • I will start you off now with a very simple pattern just to get the idea of fingerpicking in general. While this website is dedicated to the DADGAD guitar tuning, I am going to use standard guitar tuning for this lesson on guitar fingerpicking.  So strap on that thumb pick and let's get started
  • I will be using just the D chord for this lesson. For absolute beginners the D chord we will use is Index Finger on the third G string second fret and the middle finger on the first E string on the second fret and the fourth ring finger on the second B string third fret.  Then notes in the D chord are D F# A.
  • The pattern will be the thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger and then repeat in reverse order, one note at a time. 
  • Here is a short video to show this pattern in more detail.
  • So again you play the thumb first then the index finger then the middle finger and then the ring finger and then reverse that order.  It is a good idea to practice this alot and get to where it is somewhat natural to play. This will take some time and each day as you practice you will become more and more confident in playing this.  
  • Future videos will add some more complexity to the pattern.  I also will be changing over to DADGAD guitar tuning in the next video.
  • Happy fingerpicking and thanks for stopping by!