How to Tune Your Guitar to DADGAD


This is Blog 1.1 in the series of how to play DADGAD guitar. Refer back to my blog on How to Play Fingerpicked Guitar for beginners 1.0 for the first blog in this series.  This is the next blog with more information now. As noted in the 1.0 blog I am going to switch over to DADGAD guitar tuning now for this lesson and for all lessons going forward.

Let's start with your guitar already tuned to standard tuning and then I will show you how to tune to DADGAD. Standard tuning is EADGBE starting with lowest E string. Let's start with the highest E string.  Here is a quick chart to show your guitar in standard tuning:


6 5 4 3 2 1

So let's take that first E string - or string number 1 and de-tune that down to a D note. Next let's take the second string - or string number 2 and de-tune that down to a A.  The third string or string number 3 will remain as G.  The fourth string - or string number 4 will remain as D. The fifth string or string number 5 will remain as an A. And finally the sixth string or string number 6 will be detuned down to a D.

Now what you have is DADGAD tuning.  Here is a quick diagram to show our new DADGAD tuning.


6 5 4 3 2 1

I think you will have tons of fun playing in DADGAD. I have focused primarily on DADGAD tuning now for almost 20 years. I find it still challenging and so enjoyable now even more then when I started. 

My upcoming blogs will dive deeper into how to play DADGAD and will include YouTube videos also from time to time.