Techniques for Playing Hymns for DADGAD Guitar

Today's blog will discuss a few techniques for playing hymns for DADGAD guitar using the fingerstyle technique.

I will be using some short excerpts from my arrangement of the Hymn "This Is My Father's World" which will be included in the upcoming Hymns For DADGAD guitar songbook to be released early 2019 by Steve Massey.

The first video below is a short part showing some techniques for DADGAD fingerstyle or fingerpicked guitar. This video shows both the right and left hands.  The first thing I would like to point out is the use of a quick arpeggio on the first chord. Refer also below to the songbook notation to see the arpeggio defined as that squiggly line. (This notation is not yet a perfect match to my playing but that will be fixed on a new video release coming in a few weeks.)


This technique will be used in many of the songs in the upcoming Hymns For DADGAD guitar songbook. This use of the quick arpeggio is totally optional. While it does add some color and interest to the arrangement it is not required. You can simply play that chord in DADGAD normally with all notes played at the same time. 

The second DADGAD technique I would like to point out is the use of the dead note x in the third measure as shown above in the guitar notation example. This is also optional but does add some interest to the arrangement.  It sounds a bit like snare drum rim hit. I learned this technique from Alex De Grassi at one of his weekend seminars I attended some years back. The video below shows a closeup of the right hand and how it stops the string sound with a percussive hit again noted with the X in the guitar notation. This is a fun technique and should not be over used, but can add some color to the song. 


The final technique for DADGAD fingerstyle or fingerpicked guitar in this blog is shown now in the video example below. This is the left hand close up of the same portion of my arrangement of "This Is My Father's World".  This technique is the hardest to explain and at the same time the most important of all the techniques discussed in this blog entry. With practice you should be able in time to move from string to string (sometimes called Cross String in fingerstyle guitar) with ease and with no gaps so that it all sounds together and seem-less. I will be writing a blog soon on some practical examples of how to learn this. This is important for overall flow of the song. 


While this blog is short it does contain some valuable DADGAD fingerstyle or fingerpicked guitar techniques for playing Hymns for DADGAD guitar.