Steve Massey has a made a nice contribution to fingerstyle guitar repertoire with this collection of hymns, all arranged in DADGAD tuning. The hymns sound rich and full and the recordings can be enjoyed without being aware that the guitar is in a different tuning, but Steve definitely leverages DADGAD, along with cross-string techniques, harmonics, and ornamentations to enhance the arrangements. The arrangements are creative, with a distinctive stylistic touch, while still being accessible to intermediate fingerpickers. In addition to the tunes themselves, the book also includes some tips on playing in DADGAD and fingerstyle in general. If you’re looking for material to play in DADGAD, or want to add some extra character to some classic hymns, this book is well worth checking out.” - Doug Young
This is a very well-written guide, with excellent explanations for players at all levels of skill. The selection of hymns included are some all-time favorites that are well received by folks of all ages. All in all, a very good book to own.” - Review by A Collector of Carvings
“Steve Massey has tastefully arranged for fingerstyle solo guitar twelve hymns that create a relaxing, soothing and calm atmosphere. All songs on the CD were performed by Steve using DADGAD Celtic guitar tuning, that is moody and relaxing – 12 MP3 Songs in this album (38:10) ! People who are interested in Alex de Grassi, Leo Kottke or Will Ackerman should consider this download.”” - Anonymous
“Massey’s notes are very crisp and well-separated. Each piece is like Mother Nature – magical in every way, a combination of originality and soulfulness; yet raw and uncategorizable. It reminds me of natures sounds and magic. Full of pleasure, peace, and harmony, this music does not seem to be made with earthly ‘purposes’ like delivering messages. Instead, it is music – it is an artist’s expression. And heck of a good job of expression, at that! The compositions and played from the heart with perfection.”” - On-line CD Reviews
Medford, Oregon’s Steve Massey is a superb acoustic guitar picker with a crisp style, rich tone, and brilliant dexterity. His folk-influenced songs resonate and shine with the influences of places he knows and loves, from the inspiring, scenic “Highway 62” to the mighty, wind-whipped Columbia River. ” - On-line CD Reviews
I did take the time to listen to the first song “Timberline Shadow” and I simply LOVE IT! Your playing is inspiring and soul touching. I can’t wait to listen to the entire CD!” - Vicki Rea

— Membership Chairman” for Peter White’s Fan Club